Wenger Sure Ozil Will Not Hengkang

23 Oct

Wenger Sure Ozil Will Not Hengkang

Wenger Sure Ozil Will Not Hengkang

Arsenal’s Arsenal tactician, Arsene Wenger strongly believes that Mesut Ozil will not join Manchester United in the January transfer window Sbobet58.org.

Because the retainer of the German national team has proven its commitment where by appearing well and scored in a 5-2 win over Everton on Sunday night yesterday that took place at Goodison Park.

Although until now 29-year-old player is linked will soon leave because Mesut has not yet signed a new contract in the proposed management, but the manager believes the king assists to survive.

“We live in an environment where we have to deal with news and players and I have only one response, that’s what happened in football,” Arsene Wenger told the media.

“When you see Mesut on the football field today, it’s hard to believe this sort of thing.

“He’s great, agile, fast, smart. Always helping the team with quality bait and at that level he is a great footballer. “

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