Sriwijaya FC Prepares Alternative Steps If Vizcarra and Beto Failed to Be Naturalized


Sriwijaya FC Prepares Alternative Steps If Vizcarra and Beto Failed to Be Naturalized

Sriwijaya FC is still anxiously awaiting the certainty of Alberto Goncalves and Esteban Vizcarra who are waiting for the naturalization process. Laskar Wong Kito has an alternative step if only both of them failed in naturalization process.

Currently the two foreign players are still in the process of getting an Indonesian passport, so the status of foreign players are no longer valid in Sriwijaya FC.

“We continue to monitor this situation and I personally have to prepare alternatives immediately if the worst scenario happens,” coach Rahmad Darmawan said.

The man who is familiarly called RD will be looking for new players to replace Esteban Vizcarra and Alberto Goncalves. Considering this time Sriwijaya FC has fulfilled the quota of foreign players by recruiting three new players namely Manuchehr Jalilov (Tajikistan), Makan Kanote (Mali), and Mohammadou Ndiaye (Mali).

“The time is still possible if the club management move quickly looking for other players. But to be honest I hope the naturalization process of Vizcarra and Beto can be smooth, according to the initial plan, “continued RD.

Semetara related to the naturalization process Beto and Vizcarra, Secretary of PT Sriwijaya Optimis Mandiri (SOM) Faisal Mursyid, said the stage has reached the Directorate General of Immigration Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

“Administrative file has been completed all, currently still being processed. Hopefully smoothly so that these two players can be directly joined at the beginning of the season, “he said.

Faisal expects all parties to be patient because it is not easy to solve the naturalization process.

“This is a process and Sriwijaya FC follows the procedures in force at the Director General of Immigration,” Faisal Mursyid said.

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