Menpora: Sanctions Koreography Save Rohingya Persib Needs to be Revisited

20 Sep

Menpora: Sanctions Koreography Save Rohingya Persib Needs to be Revisited

Menpora: Sanctions Koreography Save Rohingya Persib Needs to be Revisited

Sanctions imposed by Discipline Commission (Komdis) PSSI to Persib Bandung related choreography “Save Rohingya” made bobotoh also become the attention of Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi.

Previously, the action of choreography that occurred when Persib undergo cage counter Semen Padang, Saturday (09/09/2017) ago.

As a result, Persib was sentenced to a fine of Rp 50 million. In a letter numbered 92 / L1 / SK / KD-PSSI / IX / 2017 on Thursday (14/09/2017), Komdis PSSI mentioned that the configuration made bobotoh clearly an offense.

Related to that, Menpora Imam Nahrawi sanctioned imposed by Discipline Commission PSSI to Persib due to action choreography reads “Save Rohingya” from the supporters or bobotoh reviewed.

“Sanctions about choreography ‘Save Rohingya’ from the bobotoh I think need to be reconsidered, if necessary to revoke the sanctions,” said Imam at the Complex Ministry of Youth and Sports, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/09/2017), as quoted from Antara.

Menpora even suggested the sanctions are revoked. Because, according to him, what is done by bobotoh is not a crime.

“The question of solidarity of nationality for humanity should not be, the President (Joko Widodo) just help Rohingya, if they do racial acts, it may be so, but it is not,” he said.

Bobotoh when making Save Rohingya configuration when Persib entertain Semen Padang, Saturday (09/09/2017). For the action, Disciplinary Commission PSSI reward Rp 50 million because it violates the rules.

As for sanctions imposed to Persib, Media Director of PSSI, Gatot Widakdo, said, it is entirely the authority of the Discipline Committee based on the code of discipline.

“We respect and honor solidarity for our brother in Rohingya, but football should not be interfered with other issues beyond the sport’s values,” he said.

“Therefore, supporters should not carry attributes or messages that have nothing to do with football or sports while watching the game at the stadium,” said Gatot.

After the sanctions were dropped, bobotoh also conducted a fundraising entitled “Coins for PSSI”.

Fundraising is centered in Sidolig Stadium, Bandung, as well as transfers through Rumah Zakat and webpage.

“This is nothing more than a form of solidarity and a message of humanity alone, and the government alone supports us to empathize with the Rohingyas,” said Viking Persib, Yana Umar.

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