Juventus Soon Meet Agent Jagoan AC Milan

6 Jul

Juventus Soon Meet Agent Jagoan AC Milan

Juventus Soon Meet Agent Jagoan AC Milan
Juventus reportedly immediately met the agent figure of AC Milan defender. Have a great chance to succeed.

Juventus is now rumored to be soon meet the defender’s agent belongs to the stronghold of AC Milan. Their incarnation who else if not Mattia De Sciglio. The Juventus officials are rumored to be meeting with the agent De Sciglio, Giovanni Branchini.

Juventus already too laaaaama have to be patient with this one player. Rivalry a lot between the two teams come to make the transfer process of the defender graduated from Milan’s academy is not very smooth.

The player must also be ready to be born and inner bear the threat of death blowing from the Milanisti if so turned to the opposing team. Last season when rumors of his move appeared, he was intercepted in the San Siro parking lot by fans who did not receive the news.

This is so simalakama for himself. De Sciglio’s own contract will run out in June 2018 and he is definitely not going to extend again. Already declared willing to Juventus and has conveyed his wish to the club’s top brass.

Milan sporting director Massimiliano Mirabelli has confirmed that De Sciglio is willing to withdraw from the San Siro. He is rumored to have said he wants a new career.

“We’ve talked to his agent, Branchini, several times, and he has told us that for some reason also if his client decides to take a new career and have wanted him several times,” Mirabelli explained.

The problem continues Mirabelli again, to be able to have De Sciglio, Juventus must meet the demand for prices in the range of 12 million euros. If not able, sori-sori ya, De Sciglio still have to go everywhere until the contract runs out.

“They (Juventus) have not called us yet. If they want to contact us, they must meet our request. If not, yes he (De Sciglio) would not want to have to stay with us until his contract ended cui, “he concluded.

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