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26 Aug

Paulinho Want to Prove his Ability in Barca

Paulinho Want to Prove his Ability in Barca

New Barcelona player Paulinho has recently been determined to change the opinion of the doubters, seiering the midfielder’s target to help Lionel Messi become the best player in the world Judi Bola.

Where, Paulinho recently brought Barca with a dowry of 40 million euros, after two years of defending Chinese League club, Guangzhou Evergrande.

And the purchase of the players to make a lot of people surprised, the article was questioned his ability after passing the golden period because it is far from the highest competition in Europe.

Nevertheless the 29-year-old player is sure if his perfotman field will be able to silence all those who doubt against him.

“Everything I do is, I will do well, so I will change people’s opinions,” Paulinho told local media.

“The best way to respond is to act above the lapoangan, helping the team mates win.”

“I am very mature and I do not think about criticism, it’s just about helping Barca reach as many trophies as possible,” he said.

18 Aug

Terror Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi et al Will Wear Black Ribbon

Terror Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi et al Will Wear Black Ribbon

Terror that hit the Las Rambla pedestrian area on Thursday (17/08/2017) night direct response FC Barcelona camp. At least 13 people were killed when a car hit a crowd in a tourist area in Barcelona.

Lionel Messi et al will wear a black ribbon in the first game of Primera Division, Spanish top La Liga caste. It was done to show empathy to the victims.

“FC Barcelona also grieves and condemns the terrorist acts that hit our city center, La Rambla,” the Catalan club’s official statement said.

“The club wants to convey empathy and support to the victims, their families, relatives, and the people of Barcelona, ​​as well as the visitors in the area,” wrote a brief statement of the club.

The Barcelona players will use the black ribbon when they host Real Betis at Camp Nou on Sunday (20/08/2017) with first being silenced for a minute before the start to commemorate the victim.

A total of 13 people were declared dead and 80 people injured after a van hit a crowd in the Las Rambla tourist area.

Eyewitnesses called the van racing against people walking before it stopped. Local police consider this incident as a terrorist attack.

“I heard screams and crashes and then I saw people running and a van racing past the crowds of Ramblas,” said Tom Gueller, an eyewitness, to the BBC.

Police said they had arrested one man, but had yet to explain the person’s name or role.

Previously, the police looking for a van driver who reportedly fled. Not yet clear how many people the perpetrators of the attack.