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13 Aug

Persela Lose PSM, Herkis Akui Squad Less Lucky

Persela Lose PSM, Herkis Akui Squad Less Lucky

The only goal scored by Willem Jan Pluim in the 85th minute dismissed Persela Lamongan to gain points from PSM Makassar at home, Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Saturday (12/08/2017) night.

Receiving a mature pass from Marc Klok taking advantage of the dead ball situation, Pluim easily tricked goalkeeper and Persela defense with a header.

The goal scored enough regretted Persela camp and assume they are not shaded by luck.

“Overall, the kids are struggling, there are also some chances, but today we were not lucky,” said Persela coach Heri Kiswanto after the match.

“Actually, the second half we tried to increase the attack, but there was a little bit of mediocrity and number 80 (Pluim) is a bit free, these things are still frequent, concentrating on concentration, so the mental set piece must be fixed,” he said.

In addition to being off guard with the dead ball situation, Herkis also admits that the absence of Eka Ramdani’s figure in the team makes a distinct difference in the squad game of Persela squad.

The role as a ball divisor can not be run by Kosuke Uchida, M Agung Pribadi, or Jose Coelho.

Apart from these conditions, Ivan Carlos who was free from sanctions komdis also demoted. Only, the appearance of foreign attackers Persela Brazil is not as usual and even tend to be less than the maximum.

“This is homework for us, for Carlos, the problem of finishing, Carlos is also long absent, so there must be a drop, injuries, that’s also a decline I’ve told Carlos to be maximized because he’s the target man here, In such a field, “Herkis said.

“We have tried, Carlos has also tried, but with some absent matches, there must be a peak performance down, I hope Carlos will clean up again,” he said.

Views less than the maximum and the injury suffered to make Ivan Carlos then replaced by Edy Gunawan ahead of the game ended.

“I have also asked the team of doctors,” he said, “it’s okay coach,” so I keep playing and not being replaced, I believe because he cares, so know better, “said Herkis.

Regret also came from one of Persela’s defender Eki Taufik. It does not cover that the occurrence of PSM goal through Pluim five minutes before the end of normal time is the fruit of the defensive midfield team Laskar Joko Tingkir in anticipation of the dead ball situation.

“We’ve tried to do the coach’s instructions First round, we’ve been in a meeting, but earlier (at goal) the organization got off guard, so we missed,” Eki said.

10 Aug

Romi Agustiawan Join Selection in Persegres

Romi Agustiawan Join Selection in Persegres

Persegres Gresik United re-arrival of new players. After Ahmad Sembiring Usman and Ade Suhendra, there is now Romi Agustiawan who used to operate in the left-back sector Situs Poker Online.

Romi has even been training with Persegres squad at the Petrochemical Stadium, Gresik, Wednesday (09/08/2017) afternoon. He joined together with two young players, Julius and Afif, who both have specialties to play as a left back.

“I just came yesterday, contacted by one of the board Persegres. So only today can practice and follow the selection, “said Romi, Wednesday (08/08/2017).

For Persegres, the figure of Romi is not foreign. In the 2015 season, this 28-year-old player has been strengthening team Laskar Joko Samudro, who was still diarsiteki Liestiadi.

Romi was last recorded playing along with Pro Duta FC in the first round of League 2 competition. As the decision of Pro Duta FC management to withdraw from the competition, Romi no longer has a club.

“If here (Persegres) is already familiar, I’ve also been playing here before, so there are some players who already know,” he said.

Persegres does require new players in left-back position, after I Gusti Rustiawan and Jeki Arisandi leave. Gusti chose Persita Tangerang as the next port, while Jeki arrived at Barito Putera.

“We did need an additional in the left back position after left behind some players. But about Romi, we will see first and discuss it with management, “said Persegres assistant coach, Khusairi.